Saturday, January 19, 2013

Zürich, etc.

Long time no post.

I've been pretty under the radar for the past few months, but it doesn't mean I haven't been keeping busy- my non-work related doodling has been pretty minimal, yeep.


I had the lovely chance to stay with my lovely friend Raquel + the rest of my adopted Fernan family in Zurich over the Christmas break! I made the most out of my trip by drinking tea, eating Panettone, reading, hiking around the woods and listening to Albi sing every song on the Mamma Mia soundtrack. It was a pretty glorious holiday! 

I don't have many things to post. Just trees (had a lot of time to soak in new tree textures, yee) & girly sketches, mainly trying to grasp this marker concept.


  1. yo good stuff :)
    love the bottom one!

  2. love how you handled the tree textures and presented everything. so gorgeous.

  3. I'm too excited for you to come out of your cave and have a communal doodle again!:D
    These are super beauts