Monday, August 12, 2013

Wild in the classroom

So I got to do a lil' Wild reading and character draw in my Mom's classroom, which was a blast. 
Actually didn't want to leave after the session, these kids were hilarious. 

I taught these kiddos how to draw Wild girl as well as a baby bear, and was so thrilled with how awesome all the drawings were in the end. I wish I had done a session like this BEFORE finishing up the book- it would've given me a whole lotta insight on how much I could have played with her character. Think some of these drawings are totally book-worthy (I'm not saying that to be nice or cute or supportive for young artists or anything, I'm saying this because I think there's some killer illustrative styles going on).

(how fricken fantastic is that last one, best for last)


  1. Hello, I bought your book Wild for my birthday and loved it :) Such a sweet story! I loved the foxes!

    1. Hello Anon!
      Such an honor to have picked it up as a present to yourself! I wish I could have managed to write in a little fox doodled birthday wish for you!

      Thank you for your lovely words, hope it brings some happy x