Friday, October 11, 2013



My Aunty Sampie and Pops, circa 1974. Photo courtesy of my Grandpa David

Here's some tinkering I did for a Charlie and the Chocolate factory creation! 
I didn't get the illo job, but I had a great time dreaming up the characters that everyone has been so familiar with. I loved the original 70's movie depictions (though I promise, I love the book much much more), and tried to veer away from it- though retaining that warmth. Somehow an ugly scratchy 70's sweater fits, and the poor boy needs that acrylic warmth as watery cabbage soup doesn't do much filling up.

Also took in my Dad's rockin' pageboy haircut and angelic grin into reference!
 Love drawing that haircut, might have to save it for another project :).

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  1. Oh my gosh! That "Nassau" jumper just threw me for a loop! I'M from Nassau, Bahamas and the union jack confused me, but I guess that was from before 40 years ago before we were independent?? Trippy!
    More importantly, though: great Charlie designs! :)